Karrimor SF

The Karrimor SF brand was conceived in 1995 by the Karrimor team in conjunction with Deric Gollop. Deric worked on the innovations and technologies from the civilian brand to produce specialist backpacks for Special Forces and law enforcement units. Karrimor SF is a separate company from the civilian brand and operates under an International Brand Licence.

Karrimor SF is different to many other brands available on the market because our product range has evolved from working with and listening to the end-user. Our product testing procedures involve putting our prototype products through rigorous acceptance trials where every seam and stitch will be scrutinised to ensure it is fit-for-purpose when used in hostile and challenging conditions.

Under our Operation 3D program, our design team have worked in conjunction with General Dynamics to produce the Bowman Radio Bag, as well as Thales and the UK MoD on the Future Integrated Soldier Technology (FIST) Programme. This has created further opportunities for us to work with the UK MoD to design and manufacture the Electrical Counter Measures (ECM) Bergen, the 60mm Mortar Bag, the 3L Hydration System and the Infantry 45 Patrol Bergen, all currently used by the British Armed Forces.

The Karrimor SF Sabre range has been around for many years and is considered to be robust and well suited to professional and leisure users who demand the best from their load carriage equipment. The Karrimor SF Predator range was introduced to complement the Sabre range and stems from the developments under our Operation 3D program, providing modular capabilities with additional pockets and pouches.

Main fabric:KS100e
KS100e is a 1000 Denier Nylon fabric coated with a Silicone/PU elastomer for improved tear strength and flex resistance. Finished with a fluorocarbon durable water repellent (DWR) that improves the water resistance of the fabric.

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