about us

Kanwa Information Center, a news organization registered in Canada, was first established in 1993 in Toronto. Kanwa publishes two print magazines, the Chinese language Kanwa Defense Review (KDR) and the English language Kanwa Asian Defence Monthly (KAD), operating one publishing house.

As a specialized military magazine with the biggest circulation outside the Chinese mainland, KDR is distributed and sold in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and South East Asian countries, while the English KAD has attracted subscribers around the world. The defense and foreign affairs ministries and armed forces of more than 30 countries are now the regular subscribers. In addition, complimentary copies of the two monthly magazines are also mailed to the military enterprises, defense ministries of some other countries and foreign consulates around the world.

Over the years, Kanwa has released numerous exclusive military news stories and caught the attention of the international community. Kanwa also publishes brief military news stories via its web-based Daily News, online version KDR and KAD, and 10-day news in brief, Kanwa Intelligence Review for the professionals.

In the course of covering the 2001 Afghanistan War and the 2003 Middle East War, Kanwa reporters discovered the critical importance of multi-purpose back sack, hydration, special helmet and bullet-proof vest for battlefield reporters under adverse topographic and weather conditions.

In the past 20 years, our footsteps have touched the platforms of Moscow Air Show, AAD the South African Defense Exhibition, IDEX Abu Dhabi Defense Exhibition, the Murmansk nuclear submarine rescue operations, FIDAE of Chile, and other major international defense exhibitions. Tested by those "battlefield" experiences, Kanwa believes Camelbak and Karrimor SF are the best and most practical military back sack and hydration, and is thus fully confident to promote them to you.

A sales department has been established under Kanwa Information Center, which is specifically responsible for the promotion of Camelbak and Karrimor SF.