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Hong Kong Post has stopped offering the Second Class Mail and also increased its Air Mail Postages, which is actually the double increase by over 30%. Therefore, we had to revise our subscription rates for Chinese Print version. (We have kept the magazine price the same.)
For the English, we regret the inconvenience caused by this big change, but appreciate your understanding.


NameTypeAreaRatePay Now
Kanwa Defense Review (Chinese, ISSN 1712-5049)PrintAsia (except Japan)US$130.00
Kanwa Defense Review (Chinese, ISSN 1712-5049)PrintOtherUS$135.00
Kanwa Defense Review (Chinese, ISSN 1712-5049)PrintHong KongUS$80.00
Kanwa Defense Review (Chinese, ISSN 1712-5049)PrintHong KongHK$625.00*
Kanwa Defense Review (Chinese, ISSN 1712-5049)PrintMacauHK$780.00*
Kanwa Defense Review (Chinese, ISSN 1712-5049)OnlineAllUS$66.00
Kanwa Asian Defence (English,ISSN 1913-3677)PDFAllUS$450.00

For those who are the professionals or organizations in this field, please contact us at or We have alternative service, Kanwa Intellegence Review.

Please mail the money order or cheque payable to Kanwa Information Center to the address above. For Hong Kong *, there is no PayPal account available.

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Note: We do not have any discount policy.
Rates above are subject to change.
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