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Kanwa Information Center, a news organization registered in Canada, was first established in 1993 in Toronto. Kanwa publishes two monthly magazines (Print/Online), the Chinese language Kanwa Defense Review and the English Language Kanwa Asian Defence, and operates one publishing house.

Kanwa Daily News

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  • NOTICE: English Online version No Longer Available/ Print Version Price Revised
  • Dear readers, We stop offering English Online version Kanwa Asian Defence as of March 1, 2016. The services to the current subscribers are provided until each expiration date.  Print...

  • Who Provided Design of J20?
  • Many of the aviation observers of Europe, the US and Russia believe that J20 has copied the design concept of Project 1.44 by Mikoyan Design Bureau, and China could have even obtained...

  • China Unveils DF15C SSM
  • Kanwa News: In October 2013, China’s new round of military deterrent actions against Taiwan clearly stepped up. China’s Xinhua News Agency published the latest photos of...

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    Kanwa Asian Defence

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  • ROCKET FORCE: Appearance of DF41 and PLA Rocket Force’s Strategic Deterrence
  • Questions on Deployment of DF41 ICBM in Heilongjiang
  • Questions on DF-5C ICBM
  • China’s Progress in R&D of High-Speed Glide Vehicles
  • Missile Earlier Warning Satellites and Changes in Nuclear Counterattack Policies
  • ROCKET ARMY NEWS: PLA Rocket Force’s Conventional Missile Launch Commanding
  • PLA Rocket Force’s DF41 ICBM Made Appearance in Heilongjiang
  • NAVY NEWS: Analysis on 001A Aircraft Carrier’s Technical Details
  • Kuznetsov CV’s Today Is Liaoning CV’s Tomorrow
  • PLA Navy’s Deployment of Ship-to-Ship Missiles

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