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NameTypeAreaRatePay Now
Kanwa Defense Review (Chinese, ISSN 1712-5049)PrintAsia (except Japan)US$102.00
Kanwa Defense Review (Chinese, ISSN 1712-5049)PrintOtherUS$110.00
Kanwa Defense Review (Chinese, ISSN 1712-5049)PrintHong KongUS$80.00
Kanwa Defense Review (Chinese, ISSN 1712-5049)PrintHong KongHK$625.00*
Kanwa Defense Review (Chinese, ISSN 1712-5049)OnlineAllUS$66.00
Kanwa Asian Defence (English,ISSN 1913-3677)PrintAsia (except Japan)US$130.00
Kanwa Asian Defence (English,ISSN 1913-3677)PrintOtherUS$135.00
Kanwa Asian Defence (English,ISSN 1913-3677)PrintHong KongHK$900.00*
Kanwa Asian Defence (English,ISSN 1913-3677)OnlineAllUS$66.00
Both (Chinese & English)PrintAsia (except Japan)US$218.00
Both (Chinese & English)PrintOtherUS$230.00
Both (Chinese & English)OnlineAllUS$89.00
Group AOnlineAllUS$135.00
Group BOnlineAllUS$450.00

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Note: There is no discount rate.
Subscription Rate for Print version includes air-mail fee.
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